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Our core services are designed to assist companies in establishing an effective and profitable presence in China. Working with SDI extends your reach to a new, fast growing market while controlling the risk and expense associated with entering a new international market.

Starting with our planning support, our services cut through the hype to deliver results for your business. We are on the ground with in China and stand by our analysis and recommendations with action.

Planning Market and competitive assessment, distribution strategy, identification of local partners for sales, services and manufacturing
Market Entry Project pursuit, contract negotiations, partner negotiations, establishing distribution network
Sales and Marketing Representation services including product sales, contract negotiation, dsitribution network set up.
Technical Support High technology support services including Installation, site supervision, mainteanance, training, and software development
Systems Integration System staging and integration, installation, documentation, training, local procurement
Logistical Support Shipment expediting, assistance with letters of credit, spare parts depoting, warranty services

SDI's technical expertise and business experience, coupled with its physical presence in the United States, Canada and in China, uniquely qualifies us to provide customized marketing, sales, and consulting services to our clients.

We are experienced in developing new markets, establishing and maintaining product lines, and in seeking out opportunities for investment, technology transfer, co-production and joint venture.

We work together with our clients to develop and implement programs that are customized to the client's objectives, resources and schedule, and to needs of the local market. We provide guidance on technical, commercial and general business issues during all phases of the sales process from assessing the market through negotiation of multi-million dollar contracts.

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